Family owned and operated since 1994, specializing in metal-forming manufacturing and fabricating services. Capable of meeting your company's needs, we offer a full range of options to produce top quality custom parts.



Established in 1994.

Our skills and training benefited a variety of California spinning companies before we decided to pool our talents and base a company of our own in Arizona. We concluded that this would be the most effective way to utilize our extensive skills and know-how. Time has shown this to be a well-advised business decision. We're a dedicated, hardworking group of professionals with over 45+ years of experience ranging from simple production pieces to precision parts. Our stock includes aluminum, brass, copper, cold rolled steel and even very difficult stainless steel.

Southwest Metal Spinning Company is comprised of two artisans with many years of experience that contribute to our current state-of-the-art expertise. We are known to be reliable, accurate and efficient metal spinning supplier and would welcome the opportunity to quote on your projects.

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